Medical examination to obtain the USA visa

To start the application for your visa medical examination, you will need the following information that you must obtain from your valid passport (if you have more than one passport, you must use the NATIONALITY for which you are applying for the US immigration visa):

  • Personal data:
    • Name and surname
    • Gender
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality
    • Passport number
    • Mobile phone with SMS
    • City and country of birth
    • Current full address
    • Previous country of residence
    • Full address in USA
    • Email address
  • Other information:
    • Type of visa requested (Immigrant / Non Immigrant / K1 Fiancée)
    • Case number
    • Appointment date at the US Embassy
  • Documents PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG or TIF file format) accesible from this device for later upload:
    • Main page of the Passport (And the extension sheet if applicable)
    • DS-260 issued by the US embassy (the single page document with the two barcodes at the end)

If you have all of the above ready, you can start the application process by pressing the Start button: